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Who we are

We are the only company in Central Europe specializing exclusively in imaging technologies for dentistry. Based and established in the Czech Republic, with subsidiaries in Slovakia. World of imaging technologies in dentistry inspires us for many years. Our constant endeavor is to provide innovative as well as proven and reliable technical and aesthetic solutions to dentists through the central europe.

A wide range of products and services

Intraoral Radiography (sensors, scanners)
Digital Panoramic Radiography
Dental CTs
Dental Microscopes
Imaging Software
Computers, Medical Monitors, Consumer LCDs

Trainings, Seminars, Symposiums
Accessories (sensor holders, phantoms, protective equipment for X-ray, etc)

Headquarter and Main office in the Czech Republic

Main office in Slovakia

Main office in Poland

"We have always been looking forward to partnering with companies who offer innovations, reliability a high quality. Thanks to our dedication, focus and commitment we have delivered digital equipment and professional solutions to  hundreds of dental clinics in the central European region. Our aim is to consistenly grow our market-share in the dental imaging field and through partnerships within CAMOSCI Group also expand to deliver complex solutions for dentists", Adam Svrcina,  Executive Director of CAMOSCI Group.

CAMOSCI Group has added a new member. Vš, s.r.o. in 2012.

CAMOSCI Group now consists of the following companies with the following targets:

  • CAMOSCI EUROPE s.r.o. (a mother company)
  • CAMOSCI CZECH s.r.o. - Imaging Technology Specialists
    Operating in Czech republic and focusing on dental imaging technologies and solutions to dental proffesionals. CAMOSCI CZECH is a leader in the segment and the target is to strenghten its position and grow its market share even more.
  • CAMOSCI SLOVAKIA s.r.o. - Imaging Technology Specialists
    Since 2009 CAMOSCI have become a leader in digital panoramic systems sales in Slovakia. Our target is to maintain the strong position and grow more with 3D imaging systems and intraoral imaging systems.
  • Vš, s.r.o. (Všeprodental means Allfordental) was established recently with focus on Czech and Slovak dental market. The target is to become #1 equipment and consumables supplier in the two selected countries in 5 years.

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